Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Cramer looks at tech stocks to own in AI, the metaverse, electric vehicles and fintech

CNBC’s Jim Cramer bought “Mad Money” back to San Francisco for the first time in two years and talked about the four major innovations and the companies that justify tech as a leader in the stock market.

1. ‘Using artificial intelligence to replace humans’

Cramer said the first innovation that’s driving value is “how businesses are using artificial intelligence to replace humans, especially because workers are so hard to find now that we’re living through the Great Resignation” in the time of Covid. He pointed out that a record-high 4.43 million people quit their jobs in September.

“When you think of artificial intelligence, you have to start with Nvidia. Everybody views this one as a semiconductor company, but it’s really platform for machine learning,” Cramer said. “Then there’s conversational artificial intelligence that lets computers come across like actual people. That’s Five9, the call center software play.”

2. ‘The metaverse’

3. ‘Electric vehicles’

4. ‘Financial technology’

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