Monday, January 17th, 2022

DeSantis won’t stand for illegal immigrants ‘displacing the needs of’ Floridians

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis detailed the toll that illegal immigration takes on his state’s citizens Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


RON DESANTIS: …[A]ny of these contractors [who] are facilitating Biden’s illegal policies by bringing people in the Florida – oftentimes flying in at two o’clock in the morning with no notice to the state – anyone who’s doing that forfeits the ability to have contracts with state and local government in the state of Florida. And they’re going to be responsible for providing restitution to the state of Florida for every single person [whom] they bring. Because when they dump somebody, a lot of costs end up being borne by the state in the future, whether that’s education, health care, whether that’s the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, we had somebody brought from Biden [who] murdered somebody in Jacksonville just a few weeks ago. And so we’re very concerned about doing that, and we want to basically say this is not the right decision to be making to be facilitating…basically an illegal human smuggling operation. We’re also saying to some of the institutions in Florida, like nonprofits, “We’re not going to be giving license to folks who are actively helping Biden do this.” And so we want people focusing on our own citizens. A lot of people do a lot of great work. We’ve got a lot of people in our state [who] need help and we can’t just have people who are from foreign countries displacing the needs of our own people.

[T]he federal government’s got a lot of authority on immigration. But if they’re not doing their job, if they’re forfeiting their responsibilities, I just don’t think states should be in a position where we’re helpless and we can’t do anything. So we anticipate conflict, but you can’t just run away from that and say you’re not going to do nothing.