Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Fisker Ocean debuts at Los Angeles Auto Show

Founder Henrik Fisker touted the vehicle’s environmental benefits in its cabin materials, including a vegan interior that uses recycled material such as old fishing nets, T-shirts and “renewed” rubber. The Ocean has the largest solar panel on its roof of any production vehicle, Fisker said, which could provide 1,500 to 2,000 miles of cost-free, pollution-free driving per year, depending on the weather. The company is still determining with the EPA how to properly communicate that value to shoppers, he said.

To cover a broader range of customer needs — and price tolerances — Fisker contracted with CATL to use two different cell-pack chemistries. For the base Sport edition, CATL will use lithium ion phosphate chemistry, which is less energy-dense, but also less costly.

“I think right now CATL is the world leader in that technology,” Fisker said.

The higher-performance Ultra and Extreme versions will have cells with nickel manganese cobalt chemistry, which has “higher energy density, and that’s how we get the super performance of the more expensive versions.”

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