Monday, December 6th, 2021

I prefer Union Pacific over CSX

CSX: “CSX is good. I will tell you that my charitable trust owns Union Pacific. … Union Pacific, I think, is a better company to own at this stage in the cycle.”

Canopy Growth: “It likes to go down. I think that’s the ticket. It likes to go down. I like stocks that go higher. It seems to want to go lower. Why is that? Because the core business isn’t that good. I say it’s too late to sell, but do not buy anymore.”

Amyris: “They just did a big convert. People like that. No, I don’t want to run from it. I think you’ve got to own it. Don’t buy more, though. I think you own it. That’s it, though.”

Rio Tinto: “I would say don’t own it. It’s just not worth it.”

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