The highly anticipated Champions League is back in action: Who will claim the title of European champion in the year 2023?

Liverpool & Madrid faced off in last year's final
The Champions League is a greatly sought-after trophy in European football, a badge of honor for a club’s status across the continent. On Valentine’s Day, the pursuit of this prize resumes for its knockout stages, and it is as unpredictable as ever with the season’s momentum intensifying. Due to the 2022 World Cup, the group stages completed in November, which is sooner than normal. Now that the players are back from their international obligations, the race to the Istanbul finale on June 10th can truly gain momentum. The knockout round commences with the round of 16. UEFA has come up with eight intriguing pairings and some of the powerhouse teams will be pitted against each other quite early in the tournament. So, which teams have a shot at making it to the quarter-finals?
Napoli arunaway Serie A leaders
Napoli runaway Serie A leaders

The upcoming match between Real Madrid and Liverpool is sure to be a huge game, considering they played each other in the previous Champions League final in Paris. The two sides have gone head-to-head several times over the past five years, with Madrid coming out on top every time. Nevertheless, both teams have struggled in their respective domestic leagues this season, so it will be interesting to see what kind of performance they can put out in the European Cup tie.

“Jorge López-Torecilla from LaLiga Lowdown Podcast believes that these are the ‘royalty teams’ of the Champions League. He added that it is hard to predict how this particular game will go, but he believes that these teams should be able to turn it up in the Champions League as a way to save their season.”

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